Do you have a patch design that you want to make and sell? Let us help! Send us your design and your desired quantity, and we will manufacture and sell them for you. We offer the lowest per-unit prices for PVC patches in the industry, and we will let you set your own prices when you decide to sell them on our site. The best part? Aside from our 10% hosting royalty, YOU get to keep all of your profits. Fill out the form below to get started! We can offer any kind of patch shape that you want, with or without velcro backing, PVC or embroidered. When you manufacture your patches through us, we give you the option to sell your patches on our site, where we will take care of all of the fulfillment for you, or we can just send you all of your inventory if you wish to sell your patches on your own.



We will email you shortly after reviewing your application with further details. In the email we will ask for your patch design and discuss our pricing model with you. We will work with you directly through the process and you'll be able to contact us during every step of manufacturing and fulfillment.